So what’s been going on with Rosie and Jacinda since the first story?

Are they still best friends?
How are things working out with their romantic interests?
Are Kyle and Daniella still complete twonks?
All this will be revealed in Rosie and Jacinda: Demon Cloud available in print right now!

Me and the great Zarina Liew (The Art of Sleep, Le Mime) have been working up some fairytlale magic once again, but this time we’re joined by four amazing artists… Francesca Dare (Penny Blackfeather), Inko (Ketsueki (Markosia), Rachel Moves To Brighton), Chie Kutsuwada (King of a Miniature Garden, Self Made Hero’s As You Like It) and Jade Sarson (For the Love of God Marie!, Cafe Suada).

The comic is available to buy online at Esty, as well as at Gosh! and Orbital comic shops in London, or to read online here as of tomorrow…

In the mean time have a peak at Inko’s amazing cover!