THE FOURTH – drawn by Hari


The Fourth parodies fantasy tales and adventure/role-playing games while telling its own story: that of the crushing defeats and limitless hope of the villain.
Writer/Creator: Courtney Svatek
I live at the intersection of art, gaming and theatre: streaming, drawing, directing plays and trying to make people smile. Enthusiast of sharp teeth and eyebrows.
Guest artist: Hari Conner
Hari Conner is a prize winning comics artist and professional illustrator / big nerd, currently working on a bunch of fantasy comics set in the same universe. Hari grew up in London but moved north of the wall to level up at Edinburgh College of Art, and has remained in Scotland ever since, where you can find her murals in bars, products in shops and her face at conventions.
You can see Hari’s work at or @haridraws on everywhere.

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