The Fourth – Drawn by Francesa Dare


The Fourth
The Kingdom of Idenau is a place of magic and curses and endless adventure, of ghosts and demons and talking fish, where gods act but don’t speak, and where an army of villains still can’t defeat a single hero. It’s the setting of The Fourth, a webcomic that parodies fantasy stories and adventure/role-playing games while telling its own story.
Writer/Creator: Courtney Svatek and Victor Acuña
Cartoonist, small-time and small-sized actress, enthusiast of sharp-toothed creatures. She makes a comic about adventure game villains
Guest artist: Francesa Dare
Francesca Dare is a VFX artist who also writes and draws comics. Her work has appeared in comic anthologies including Tempolush Tales of the Tanoox, Alidade and Wu Wei. The first volume of her comic Penny Blackfeather has been published by Sloth Comics. She lives in a small badger set in north London. She is one of the WASP organisers so if you want to get involved all you have to do is wait until midnight on a full moon, knock three times on the ground and offer her a wheel of cheese on a stick. Or just message her on twitter.

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