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THE WASTELANDS – drawn by Emma Vieceli


A world where mortals struggle to find where their gods have disappeared too.
Writer/Creator: Petitecreme
Illustrator, comic artist, designer. Specialises in feminine styled work and dark contrasting comics.
Guest artist: Emma Vieceli
I love making art and words have comic babies together.

BREAKS – drawn by Francesca Dare


Everyone wears a mask. What we see of people on the surface is so rarely what’s ticking underneath. And, in Cortland Hunt’s case, what he’s hiding might just be more than Ian Tanner is prepared for. Breaks is the story of two young adults coming to terms with who they were, who they are and who they’ll become. It’s a love story…but a little broken.
Writer/Creator: Emma Vieceli & Malin Ryden
I love making art and words have comic babies together.
Guest artist: Francesca Dare
I am a small hermit living in London. My webcomic is Penny Blackfeather which has been running for five years. I have also worked on a few comic anthologies including Tempolush Tales of the Tanoox and Rosie and Jacinda. When not making comics I am throwing VFX rocks at movies, playing D&D or staring aimlessly out of a window thinking about unicorns or crumpets.