STRANGERS & FRIENDS – drawn by Alex Chautin

Wasp page 2017

The small British town of Wootton Bassett begins to be haunted by a series of mysterious and horrific murders.
Hemu, a shy and geeky new comer in town, becomes an obvious target for the local community to point their finger at- he does have his fair share of secrets! But what secrets are the other locals hiding?
A comic about the peculiar prejudices and customs of small communities, with a hint of social commentary and a sinister splash of fantasy-horror!
Writer/Creator: Rebecca Burgess
Short and awkward comic artist/illustrator residing in Bristol!
Guest artist: Alex Chautin
Alex Chautin is a New York transplant in Western Massachusetts. In 2016, he edited the anthology Scenes From a Cafe Counter and began work on his weekly comic strip TEACHER! This year he co-curated a political graphic novel exhibit featuring over 100 pieces of original comic art. He spends most of his time either teaching or reading, while doing both in a plaid over-shirt.

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