Sapphire Days – drawn by Francesca Dare



Sapphire Days
Sapphire Days follow the lives of six Hoenn Pokemon as they deal with their everyday lives. After the completion of the Pokemon League of Sapphire the Pokemon spend their days resting and training hoping to one day continue on their Pokemon Journey.
Writer/Creator: Mewa Chu
Mewa-Chu is a creator who does things on the internet. She loves drawing and creating manga styled stories and illustrations and have been doing so since 2007. Mewa creates a variety of different stories all with different and unquie characters in the fun setting of Mew-Ville and Ruby City. Many of her stories can be found at
Guest artist: Francesca Dare
Francesca Dare is a VFX artist who also writes and draws comics. Her work has appeared in comic anthologies including Tempolush Tales of the Tanoox, Alidade and Wu Wei. The first volume of her comic Penny Blackfeather has been published by Sloth Comics. She lives in a small badger set in north London. She is one of the WASP organisers so if you want to get involved all you have to do is wait until midnight on a full moon, knock three times on the ground and offer her a wheel of cheese on a stick. Or just message her on twitter.


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