PENNY BLACKFEATHER – drawn by Alex Brenchley

WASP 2017 A4 Black

Penny Blackfeather is a regencypunk adventure featuring ghosts, monsters, tea parties, sword fights and parrots. After saving her magical friend from monsters, Penelope Blake must contend with the mysterious gang of scoundrels who are after him!
Writer/Creator: Francesca Dare
I am a small hermit living in London. My webcomic is Penny Blackfeather which has been running for five years. I have also worked on a few comic anthologies including Tempolush Tales of the Tanoox and Rosie and Jacinda. When not making comics I am throwing VFX rocks at movies, playing D&D or staring aimlessly out of a window thinking about unicorns or crumpets.
Guest artist: Alex Brenchley
An artist and musician based in London, I released my joke book, ‘Asterisk’ and my two E.P.’s ‘Lovers At Last’ and ‘Life Before Life’ in 2016.

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