ONE GOOD THING by Rachael Smith with Paul Shinn 2 of 3

onegoodthing 5 Feb

One Good Thing
One Good Thing is a diary comic drawn by Rachael Smith.
Rachael started this comic in 2011 in an effort to beat depression and look at the good things around her. As well as being therapeutic for Rachael herself, One Good Thing has also inspired many of it’s readers to be more positive as well.
“If One Good Thing is Rachael Smith’s attempt to deliver something good into the world, and make the reader’s day a little better by sharing life’s ups and downs, then this smile on my face says she’s done the job.”
Richard Bruton, Forbidden Planet International
Writer/Creator: Rachael Smith
Rachael Smith began creating comics a few years ago, starting with weekly comic strip Vicky Park for the Leicester Mercury (which still runs today). She also keeps a diary comic One Good Thing. Her first two story comics The Way We Write and I Am Fire were both released to critical acclaim. Her third, House Party, is set to be even bigger.
“She has the style, the line, the skill to slowly build up an audience and be the next big thing.”
Richard Burton, Forbidden Planet International
Guest Artist: Paul Shinn
Paul Shinn is a freelance illustrator and comic artist who likes to create images which make people smile. Paul has produced comics for the bands Emmy The Great and Emperor Yes, as well as uploading various comic strips on his blog: Paul is aiming to release his first self-published work later this year!

One Good Thing normally looks more like this..

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