LE MIME by Zarina Liew with Evelyn Hewett

LE MIME by Zarina Liew with Evelyn Hewett

Le Mime
Le Mime Webcomic is an ongoing strip about a mime artist and his friends, delivered every Friday, in small, mime-sized performances.
What is Le Mime about? I’ll let you decide… Why mime? Because, like traditional painting and cut-and-paste comic art, it’s a precious art form, that needs to be revived!
Writer/Creator: Zarina Liew
Zarina Liew is a London-based, freelance fashion illustrator and comic artist. Her work has appeared editorially in various publications and advertorial campaigns across Europe and her comic art work includes Rosie and Jacinda (co-creator), Le Mime Webcomic and The Higgs. She’s addicted to savoury snacks and collecting plushies.
Guest Artist: Evelyn Hewett
Evelyn is a Student by trade and a nocturnal comicker. She lives and works down in the denizens of Cornwall where she draws her beloved webcomic Fruit Machine, considers life, and obsesses about owls and other such shenanigans.

Le Mime normally looks more like this…

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