FOLKLORE – drawn by Petitecreme

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Mythics are legendary mythical creatures who can take the form of humans. There are few of them left in the world and either remain in their human form in order to remain undetected by humans or have hidden away in magical places. Enter Arfan Jones, the phoenix who doesn’t realise he’s the mythic saviour, the Crooked Man, a wizard villain who wants to throw the world into chaos, and Jenny Pemberton, the human who hasn’t decided which university she wants to go to yet…
Writer/Creator: Sarah Turner
Sarah Turner is a part time comic book artist from Oldham, who’s now living in the bright lights(?) of Leeds… she’s loves a good cup of tea and a biscuit!
When she’s not drawing her own comics, she also helps designs websites and works in IT. She is one of the WASP organisers and loves meeting other artists!
Guest artist: Petitecreme
Illustrator, comic artist, designer. Specialises in feminine styled work and dark contrasting comics.

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