EERIE PD by Jenny McKeon & Alex Chaunyan with Sarah Turner

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Eerie PD
Eerie PD is a weekly webcomic that follows the supernatural adventures of a gun-armed detective named Cam and his strange new partner, the magical girl Eiri. It is also the story of their hapless creators, Nathaniel and Hunter, and how these newly forged friendships interconnect and lead to exciting new stories!
Writer/Creators: Jenny McKeon & Alex Chaunyan

Jenny McKeon and Alex Chautin like comics almost as much as they like each other. Alex does most of the writing for Eerie PD while Jenny does most of the art, with some overlap between. When not working on their webcomic, they pretty much make more comics, as far as school and work will allow! The two creators live in western MA with their cat, Majora.
Jenny’s latest project is a memoir that is now available on indiegogo! Check it out here:
Guest artist: Sarah Turner
Sarah Turner is a part time illustrator and comic book artist from Oldham, and now based in Leeds… she’s loves a good cup of tea and a biscuit!

When she’s not drawing her own comics, she also helps design book covers, CD covers, websites and works in digital. She can be seen at conventions throughout the north of England and has been known to run a workshop of too.  She is one of the WASP organisers and loves meeting and talking to other artists. If you’d like to get involved with the next WASP, feel free to drop her a line!

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