CHRYSANTHEMUM ALLEY – drawn by Cherish York

WASP Chrysanthemum Alley Page I WASP Chrysanthemum Alley Page II

Rabbit girl Shea is neither a fully fledged rabbit or a human. When she finds an online video of a cat girl idol, she is determined to find her. With her brother June, she makes her way to the bustling capital of Japan, meeting various bakemono like her along the way.
Writer/Creator: Midori Harako
Northern based manga artist from Japan who managed to plop out the start of a comic this year. Half person half potato who has tea running through their veins. Rolls out of bed and slides down the slope into procrastination land until the kettle is boiled.
Guest artist: Cherish York
Cherish York is a illustrator/comic artist who makes slice of life comics with elements of history and humour. When she isn’t making comics she is either works as a volunteer at the cartoon museum or as an event steward in different parts of London.

Her current webcomic Aunt Rebecca’s Triplet Sons is not only a slice of life/romantic manga but has elements of history and languages too.

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