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CAFÉ SUADA – drawn by Inko

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Tea, coffee and romance abound in Cafe Suada, a series about a British teahouse and its war on the coffee bar next door.
Writer/Creator: Jade Sarson
Comic Artist/Writer and Illustrator. Creator of Cafe Suada and For the Love of God, Marie!. Winner of the 2014 Myriad First Graphic Novel Comp.
Guest artist: Inko
Inko is UK based Japanese manga artist. My works often imply cross overs of traditional Eastern and Western cultures.

THE SUN ALSO SHINES ON THE MORONIC – drawn by Courtney Svatek


The absurdities of the modern world and how to avoid dying of cynicism.
Writer/Creator: Will Caron
I’m an award-winning cartoonist and illustrator, as well as a writer and the editor of Summit magazine.
Guest artist: Courtney Svatek
I live at the intersection of art, gaming and theatre: streaming, drawing, directing plays and trying to make people smile. Enthusiast of sharp teeth and eyebrows.

TEACHER! A WEEKLY COMIC – drawn by Kate Hayward


TEACHER! a weekly comic strip from the eyes and minds of a typical classroom full of curious students.
Writer/Creator: Alex Chautin
Alex Chautin is a New York transplant in Western Massachusetts. In 2016, he edited the anthology Scenes From a Cafe Counter and began work on his weekly comic strip TEACHER! This year he co-curated a political graphic novel exhibit featuring over 100 pieces of original comic art. He spends most of his time either teaching or reading, while doing both in a plaid over-shirt.
Guest artist: Kate Hayward
Kate daws a lot while drinking too much tea & watching too many movies. As well as making designs for her shop,, she draws the web comic Legion of Kats & pencils the webcomic Team Spoopy, which she works on with two friends.

NYX IN THE OVERWORLD – drawn by Jade Sarson

wasp2017-NITO-Sarson_1 wasp2017-NITO-Sarson_2

Fantasy adventure comics feat. Nyx, a kinda-magical loot-obsessed half-human half-something on a mum-saving quest that’s mysteriously similar to a videogame. Gnarly monsters, useless sidekicks, sick loot, a gathering darkness and sweet magic powers await.
Writer/Creator: Hari draws
Hari Conner is a prize winning comics artist and professional illustrator / big nerd, currently working on a bunch of fantasy comics set in the same universe. Hari grew up in London but moved north of the wall to level up at Edinburgh College of Art, and has remained in Scotland ever since, where you can find her murals in bars, products in shops and her face at conventions.
You can see hari’s work at or @haridraws on everywhere.
Guest artist: Jade Sarson
Comic Artist/Writer and Illustrator. Creator of Cafe Suada and For the Love of God, Marie!. Winner of the 2014 Myriad First Graphic Novel Comp.

AUNT REBECCA’S TRIPLET SONS – drawn by Rebecca Burgess



This comic is about the lives of Aunt Rebecca’s Sons. The story is separated in to three parts of the lives of the triplets. What can they do to help the girl they are trying to pursue? How can they encourage each other?
Writer/Creator: Cherish York
Cherish York is a illustrator/comic artist who makes slice of life comics with elements of history and humour. When she isn’t making comics she is either works as a volunteer at the cartoon museum or as an event steward in different parts of London.

Her current webcomic Aunt Rebecca’s Triplet Sons is not only a slice of life/romantic manga but has elements of history and languages too.

Guest artist: Rebecca Burgess
Short and awkward comic artist/illustrator residing in Bristol!

BREAKS – drawn by Francesca Dare


Everyone wears a mask. What we see of people on the surface is so rarely what’s ticking underneath. And, in Cortland Hunt’s case, what he’s hiding might just be more than Ian Tanner is prepared for. Breaks is the story of two young adults coming to terms with who they were, who they are and who they’ll become. It’s a love story…but a little broken.
Writer/Creator: Emma Vieceli & Malin Ryden
I love making art and words have comic babies together.
Guest artist: Francesca Dare
I am a small hermit living in London. My webcomic is Penny Blackfeather which has been running for five years. I have also worked on a few comic anthologies including Tempolush Tales of the Tanoox and Rosie and Jacinda. When not making comics I am throwing VFX rocks at movies, playing D&D or staring aimlessly out of a window thinking about unicorns or crumpets.