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Could your webcomic be part of WASP 2014?

Earlier this year, twelve artists created some fantastic and unique strips swapping art duties amongst their respective webcomics and working to each others’ scripts.  Now we’re gearing up for Round Two!

WASP Art Samples

Are you a webcomic creator up for taking part?
It’s a fun, creative challenge, a chance to promote your comic and a great way to get to know other folk in the webcomic community.

How WASP works

These amazing creators are already looking forward to joining me (Richy K. Chandler Lucy the Octopus) in taking part in WASP 2014
David O’Connell  Tozo The Public Servant
Zarina Liew Le Mime
Jade Sarson Cafe Suada
Louise Wei & Dave Hodgkinson Panda & Polar Bear
Francesca Dare Penny Blackfeather
Rebecca Burgess Strangers and Friends
Evelyn Hewett Fruit Machine

Nicola Streeten A Year at 50
Sarah Turner Folklore
Matt Boyer Running
Rachael Smith One Good Thing
Reed Hawker Culture Shock
Jenny McKeon & Alex Chaunyan Eerie PD
Alex Brenchley Overground
Rebecca Burgess and Holly Caddick Headcase
Holly Caddick The Inbetween
Paula Albaneze HMS Crock Doctor
Paul Shinn will also be providing art!

You may get a chance to draw an episode of one of their webcomics and have one of them handle art duties on yours!

If your’e interested please contact me, Richy K. Chandler (WASP Editor and Lucy the Octopus creator):

Your webcomic probably isn’t right for the project if it is overtly explicit or offensive, contains adults only material or if it uses characters you do not own the rights to.

I’ll be letting artists know if they have been selected for the project at the end of October 2013.  The deadline for finished webcomics will be around the end of February 2014, to go online March 2014.